Prism Healthcare Group

Prism Healthcare Group

Specialty Therapy Programs and Services

Prism Healthcare Group is a leading provider of occupational and speech therapy in Skilled Nursing and Long Term Care environments. We deliver only the highest quality of care to our patients and their families, and work with the goal of improving quality of life and maximizing functional independence. We also offer value added customized therapy billing services thereby eliminating unnecessary paperwork and accelerating the overall billing process.

Long Term Care Therapy services include:

• Stroke Rehab
• Wound Care
• ADL Training
• Balance Training
• Cognitive/Language Treatment
• Contracture Management Exercise
• Dysphasia Treatment/Swallow Studies
• Gait Training
• Neuro Re-education
• Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech Therapy
• Oral Motor Exercises
• Pain Management
• Restorative Training

Our specialized programming services include a full range of physical, mental, occupational, wound, and speech therapy services. Our dedicated professional staff will evaluate each patient and design a therapeutic plan to meet and/or exceed their needs and wants to optimize their level of independence.

Wound Care
Prism Healthcare Group developed a wound care program that benefits those patients with diabetic ulcers, venous status ulcers, pressure ulcers, and non-healing surgical wounds. Our wound programs have a track record of remarkable clinical results using our innovative wound care technology.

Recovery Care
Prism Healthcare Group has developed leading edge therapy programs which are customized to provide optimum results for patients who have undergone a knee or hip replacement, suffered a stroke, or require help to regain their strength, communication skills, mobility, and agility after a traumatic event such as a stroke, an accident, surgery or an illness.

Dementia Care
What we provide sets us apart, as we weave the past experiences of our residents lives into their care, build upon treasured memories, and work to inspire new memories We know that our residents have lived rich, full lives. Prism Healthcare Group developed an Alzheimer and Dementia care program which provides a unique, holistic, resident-centered approach designed to deliver purpose, autonomy and dignity to provide the highest level of quality of life in an environment that continues to enrich their lives and meet their special needs.